Online Parties

Here's the info:

If you are interested in hosting an online party though Facebook please contact us via Facebook, Instagram, or email at and we will send you all the details! This is a great way to snag yourself some free earrings and product credits!!

What do you receive for hosting? A Free pair of earrings ( of your choice ) and 15% of party sales back to you on a gift card to use on our website as you please! 

What do you need to do? I do all the work ( creating event, posting multiple times a day, run a couple contests, etc ) All I ask from you is to share your love of our earrings.  I suggest posting a couple times in the event with selfies (if you are comfortable with that) and invite your earring loving friends!! THAT’S IT! 

Here's what a previous hostess has to say about hosting a party with AvaRose Designs :

Denise says "Hosting an AvaRose party is so easy and fun.  Amy does just need to invite your friends. There is no pressure to buy unless you count the earrings begging you in your sleep to give them a new home. Amy also spoils her hostesses. I was shocked at everything I received. My favourite part of the closing experience was your credits are in gift card form so you aren't pressured to buy within the next 20 minutes like other hostess credits. I spent my credits right away but it was great knowing if I was wanting a sold out pair or had bought up all my favourites I could hold out for new releases or restocks. I didn't end up picking something just to pick it as I have after hosting other parties. No regrets at all. Amy is amazing! Out of 5 stars her parties get a 10."